Bella's Pack


Dog on the outside, human on the inside. Bella is our family pup who manages to make us all feel special and loved. She loves to swim and dig up giant rocks from the lake by our farmhouse. She has this uncanny ability to touch everyone she meets. She’s funny, loving, cuddly and super cool to be around. If you ever meet her, you would surely love this gentle Rottie!


Our inspiration behind the idea of Bella’s Bowls. When our founder adopted Grace, she had this epiphany that all animals are equal. They deserve to live and be treated with respect and dignity. Grace like her mama was a real foodie! She loved trying her mama’s delicious plant based creations and always gave her the best feedback. Although Grace is no more, she lives on in our hearts and through “Bella’s Bowls”.


Our very own Captain Cook who inspires people to live a cruelty free and healthy life. She’s a pilot by profession and is also a certified Holistic Nutritionist. When she’s not busy eating smoothie bowls in the air, she spends her time cooking up a storm trying to find healthy, delicious plant based meals!


Our marketing guru. One would describe her as a Jill of all trades and a master of one (Any guesses?) She is well versed in any topic you can imagine and we found her to be the perfect fit for Bella’s Bowls. When she’s not busy helping with BB, she spends her time with Buddy. Her slightly moody but extremely cute cocker spaniel.


The person behind all the technical and more importantly personal support. He’s the silent partner that hates being noticed but is always around. Behind the scenes, ready to help as long as he’s being fed with delicious smoothies! He moonlights as a long distance runner, a bathroom singer and an advertising honcho.